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  gear wheel,gathering the characters of the gear wheel transmissionm,chain transmission and belttransmission.Rubber synchronous driving band transmission has the following advantages:

It ensures a slip-free transmission between driving and driven wheels.
Thetransmission speed ratio can reach 10 and the transmission speed,40m/s.
The transmission power can range from several watts to a hundred or so watts.
Simple transmission mechanism,light weighted and lubrification not needed.
Large initial tensile force not needed and the spindle loab is small.
Less noise while running.
Easy for maintenance and replacement with new one.

   So it is wide used in the automobiles,chemical fibre,needlework equipments,
spinning equipmengts,cigarette making machines,printing machines,office equipments,communication equipmengts,food staff machines,small household electrical applianced,mining,metallurgyand steel machinery, medical equipments 
chemical machines,light industrial machines and various precision machine tools and instruments,etc.
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